Milan, Italy: Budget Travel for Ten Days

My ten day trip to Milan, Italy on a budget! Here are a few personal recommendations if you’re planning on visiting this beautiful city as well!


DIY: How to make your own vegan face cream

Learn how to make this quick multi-purpose face cream!

Love yourself first.

โ€œI will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget.โ€ Erin Van Vuren

Best Vegan Face Cleansers: February Edition!

My top three favorite vegan face cleansers for February!

Makeup Haul | Kiko Milano Review

My review of six different skincare products and cosmetics by the cruelty-free beauty brand Kiko Milano.

Pinacoteca de Brera, Milan

Picoteca de Brera is on my list of top ten sights to see in Milan (article on this to come!). This incredible art gallery houses several priceless antiquities and collections dating back to many of the art periods, ranging from the neoclassic to the renaissance to the gothic. […]

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a wonderful, mixed-up town where youโ€™ve got great food and adventure. First and foremost, itโ€™s a great place to experience China in a relatively accessible way.

Subtle old school country glam

I really liked this look. As if I just came from pickin’ daisies from a field somewhere.

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